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Virtual Shopping

We open via APPOINTMENT ONLY, due to current safety concerns related to Covid-19. Thank you for your understanding. 

We'll be fully open as soon as we can based on recommendations from the CDC. 

Here’s how you can continue shopping now: 

  • Visit: our in-stock gallery or best sellers list

  • Contact: Send us an email or call 301-473-7970, and mention what types of styles you like, and what sorts of furniture you’d like.

  • Choose your favorites: We’ll send you some pictures of in-stock styles or show you via a video call. 

  • Book a private, in-store appointment, or complete your purchase over the phone or video call.

    • While booking, we will discuss our safety policies. We ask that you respect these policies for the safety of our other customers and staff. 

  • No-touch Delivery: We handle delivery ourselves, directly to your patio or deck. After years of experience with high-end furniture, we keep our truck and warehouse very clean. Before, it was to maintain the quality of your furniture, though now it’s also for the safety of our families.